Judi Mowlem is an award winning Australian photographic artist.  She is a prolific international traveller and has also lived in Tokyo and Hong Kong.  She has recorded her extensive travels and experiences through photographs.
Judi’s photographic style ranges from dramatic seascapes to urban landscapes, as well as aerial abstracts.  Her photos draw upon the geometric lines of architecture and their counterparts in nature.  According to Judi “my photographs are almost always spontaneous; my subjects find me.  I am drawn to urban environments that are busy and offer the opportunities to study people of different cultures in the daily surroundings”
She has been inspired by painters, especially the impressionists, and the work of other photographers including Michael Wolfe, Andre Gursky, Valda Bailey and Lauren Mersolier.
Above all, Judi’s aim is to create images that reflect what she sees and feels in the moment of taking the photograph.  The resulting work can be viewed as modern art pieces.
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